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We design and deliver customized financial workshops for Small and Medium Enterprises. Helping them Increase profitability, stability and operational efficiency

Business Owners and Key decision makers

Today, every Entrepreneur is fueled with enthusiasm. With robust investments coming in the Startup & Growth stage companies, entrepreneurs are eyeing the “big league” – and its for real. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for every entrepreneur to be equipped with “Financial Intelligence”. With a view to infuse confidence and knowledge, we provide customized financial training programs for Business Owners and Key decision makers.

Workshops for trade Associations

The services of a trade association generally include creating an ambience for providing appropriate services to its members by taking up on their behalf issues related to policy and procedures related to the industry, timely availability of finance, coordination with financial institutions, banks and other institutions etc. The Associations are always trying to keep its members abreast of the trends and opportunities to provide useful information to its members to help, sustain and expand their business and improve their skill set. We at Profound have been working with such associations to facilitate them in this objective by providing financial training. We impart financial understanding to members so that they understand how the company makes money, how it stays in business and how they contribute to its success. The delivery is a combination of class lectures, interactive group assignments, Videos and case study analysis. The hallmark of our training programs is that they are simplified, so that people who have never dealt with Financial Statements and Numbers can understand them.

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