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Financial Intellect for Corporates

Financial Intellect for Corporates

For Executives

Imagine how amazing it will be if your employees start acting as your business partners. If they could read basic level of financial statements and understand how each of them is integral to profits. We can help you develop this skill in your executives through our training program.

Benefits to executives from the program

  • Key financial terms
  • Reading and analysing the Profit & Loss Statement
  • Reading and analyzing the balance sheet
  • Difference between Profit & Cash
  • Communicate without inhibition with the Finance and Accouts Department
  • Focus on Productivity
  • Calculate Relevant Ratios

For Managers

In the present day scenario, financial intellect is of utmost importance for any manager to make intelligent financial decisions that support the company's goals. At times managers are domain experts but are not exposed to learning key elements of finance like analyzing an income statement, understanding how they impact a balance sheet, knowing the difference between profit and cash, and keeping track of the measures the marketplace uses to measure success. This workshop will help managers develop their financial understanding, understand how their decisions affect an organisation’s financial performance and improve their organisation’s financial performance.
We will demystify the jargons, explore key ratios, and examine key trends and areas of concern. Then we change the emphasis to identifying the future key issues, and threats and opportunities and how to plan and budget for them.

Benefits to Managers from the program

  • Key financial terms
  • Reading and analysing the Profit & Loss Account
  • Understanding Different types of Profit - Gross Profit, EBIT, EBITDA
  • Reading and analysing the Balance Sheet
  • Difference between Capital Expenditure and Revenue Expenditure
  • Difference between Profit & Cash
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • How to evaluate Financial performance of a company
  • Better evaluate Projects with their financial viability
  • Negotiate better with Vendors

For Sales

The sales team is the face of the organisation.To present them in the best possible way in this competitive marketplace they need to be equipped with every tool possible. Along with understanding the basic needs of the clients, if they could also understand the client’s financial position, it would make them stand out. If the sales people could interpret client's financial statements and annual reports, they will be able to offer solutions as a business partner.

Benefits to Sales teams from the program

  • Key financial terms
  • Reading and analysing the Profit & Loss Account
  • Understanding Different types of Profit - Gross Profit, EBIT, EBITDA
  • Using Ratios to judge performance
  • Evaluate Customer's financial health
  • Learn how revenue recognition works and how to avoid pitfalls in the same

For Leaders

The higher one moves up the ladder, the more they need to interact with the finance people in their organisation. They need to understand how their actions influence the numbers. the Leaders also need to understand the constraints of the markets on decisions like laying people off versus lowering productivity or paying dividends rather than investing. And ultimately, the more senior one is, the more performance is measured by the financial numbers. Our program covers what non-financial leaders need to know, from the foundational elements of finance to understanding cost of capital.The leaders will walk away better equipped to speak and interact with finance colleagues, analyze financial statements, and understand the public marketplace.

Benefits to leaders from the program

  • Interpret Financial Statements - Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow
  • Analyse Different forms of Profit - Gross Profit, EBITDA, EBIT, PAT
  • Understanding the difference between Profit & Cash
  • Know what is the financial health of your company using financial statements and ratios
  • Communicate better with Investors and Bankers
  • Forecast Better
  • Stay in touch with us