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Employee Welfare programs for Corporates

Employee Welfare programs for Corporates

Discovering Financial Freedom

This program caters to benefit everyone. It guides an individual to make the best use of his hard earned money. Our program focuses on giving practical ideas to take the investment decision, leading to the path of financial independence. We help you create a financial freedom plan using the

  • Magic of Compounding
  • The impact of inflation and taxation
  • Asset allocation

Chankya's Money Secrets

“Planting Money Trees” A session of playing the Board Game “Chanakya’s Money Secrets”.Everyone knows how to work for money, but do you know how to make money work for you?

  • Know the difference between assets and liabilities
  • Think in terms of Long-Term Wealth creation, instead of short- term, speculative thinking
  • Remove fear of numbers and analysing Investment
  • Become more confident about taking sound Investment decisions

Attending this session solves two purposes at the same time -Enjoyment and Enrichment.Whether it is about planning for your Child’s Education or an exotic holiday, “Chanakya’s Money Secrets” will show you the way!

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